3 Tips To Ensure A Successful Virtual Webinar

A portmanteau of “web” and “seminar”, a webinar provides participants with a more intimate and personal setting compared to a livestream. With a webinar, you’re given a much more controlled and focussed environment where you can establish two-way communication with your audience.

This format can be incredibly effective, with an average conversion rate of 55%. Wondering how to boost audience engagement to maximise the conversion rate for your event? Here are 5 tips to ensure a successful virtual webinar!

1. Keep it short and timely

The optimal virtual webinar length is 60 minutes, so make sure that you hit all your key points in a concise and effective manner
You want to ensure as little “dead time” as possible, so tailoring your outline to tackle your audience as specifically as possible will help you understand what content you will need to present: for example, if your audience comprises of people who are already subscribed to your content, then you won’t need to include a lengthy introduction about who you are and why they should trust you.
Pro-tip: remember that your audience are real people. Begin the webinar 10-15 minutes early, so that you can chat with the early birds, getting to know them a little, while also warming your audience up to the use of the chat function.

2. Include strategic calls to action

With a tight outline and goals in mind, you can strategically include in-webinar calls to action (CTA), keeping your audience constantly engaged and aware of the next steps they can and should take. Each of your main key points can conclude with a CTA – either a soft one, such as “Read more” or “Try it out”, or more direct ones, that call for a more active role on the audiences’ part, like “buy now” or “sign up now”.
Think about how you phrase your CTAs – these might not even be directly referencing your product or service, but instead invite your audience to think about their own habits or processes, getting them to actively consider your product.

3. Use audience interaction functions

Don’t make your webinar a one-way conversation. Keep your audience engaged throughout your virtual webinar by utilising the audience interaction functions. Try conducting audience polls regularly, or at key points during the event – this will help you understand your audience better, and also keeps them paying attention to answer questions you’ve posed.
Encourage them to use the chat function to comment on your speech as well as to interact with each other, creating a sense of community and personal connection between your audience members and yourself.

Engaging a Professional AV Company in Singapore for your Webinar

These factors are only part of what makes a successful virtual webinar. The technical side of things can also make or break your webinar and affect conversion rates.
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