4 Tips For Conducting A Successful Product Showcase Live Stream

Marketing today has come a long way from putting an advertisement in a magazine or on a billboard. Nowadays, big companies and small businesses alike make extensive use of social media and other forms of video streaming services to reach audiences, and one of the most popular methods is live streaming a product launch or showcase.
Apple is famous for this with its Keynotes which regularly draw over 2 million people live. Live product showcases like Apple’s Keynotes create a sense of anticipation for the product, and with functions like live chat enabling audience participation, these events can help boost your community engagement. Here are some tips to create a successful product live stream event in Singapore!

1. Be thorough with pre-planning

As with any step in the marketing process, there has to be a thorough plan for any product showcase live stream. Figuring out the tone, style, and content, as well as preparing your brand ambassadors for the stream are important key steps in the pre-planning stage.
Building a vision of the live stream will also inform your logistical needs:
  • Would you like to hire a studio or AV company in Singapore to help with the event?
  • Will you need a green screen?
  • How many ambassadors will be involved?
  • Will there be a product demo?
Knowing these details will help you decide what you need to make your vision come true.

2. Use pre-stream marketing to drive audience interest

This step is just as important as the product showcase live stream itself. Dropping hints on your social media, ‘soft launching’ through paid influencer posts, or starting Instagram countdowns to your stream can really boost your livestream viewership and create a buzz around both the product launch event and the product itself.
You can also incentivize people to watch your live stream by offering a lucky draw or giveaway, or drop an exclusive promo code or content! These little tricks will give the audience something more to look forward to, and adds an element of audience interaction.

3. Consider engaging professional live event video streaming services

With all the planning done, it’s time for execution. Technical things like lighting, audio, and equipment will be of utmost importance in ensuring that your product showcase live stream looks professional.
While you could certainly stream from an iPhone with a selfie stick, hiring a reliable AV company in Singapore to handle the technical side will take the load off your plate. Here at Live Productions we also do consultations to help you determine how best to execute your vision of your product launch, and our equipment and expertise are at your service.

4. Have a live technical support team on standby during the event

This is most often overlooked in the planning process. With platforms like Instagram or Facebook which we use daily, we might not think of how much could go wrong. The reality is that glitches and hiccups in a product showcase live stream could lead to frustration on both your and your audiences’ parts.
Something as simple as an app being unresponsive might take minutes to fix, and you could lose audience engagement or see an audience drop-off during that precious lost time. While some live streaming platforms might provide remote technical support, having a live support team ensures any glitches, lag, video, or audio problems will be swiftly dealt with.
Our team at Live Productions has had years of experience producing not only product launches but also concerts, lectures, and all manner of live events in Singapore. Our company’s versatility and experience are at your disposal, and as a one-stop shop that provides AV services such as audio, lighting, staging and more, we are prepared to ensure that your ideal live streamed product launch goes off without a hitch. Get in touch to find out more.