How To Conduct An Online Speech Or Presentation Flawlessly

Online speeches and presentations have become commonplace in Singapore, and you might even have to give one yourself during an online event broadcast for work, school, or personal reasons. Public speaking and presentations can be daunting enough, and adding technology to the mix can throw a wrench in the works.
It is important to remember the differences between public speaking in person and on camera or live stream, so here are 5 tips for giving an impressive online presentation:

1. Eye Contact

Eye contact with your audience is key in public speaking, and with online presentations, it’s easy to forget where to look. Instead of looking at the audience’s faces on your screen, look directly at your computer’s camera. This will make your viewer feel like you are looking right at them.
Your camera should also be at your eye level for your own comfort throughout the online live stream. Play around with the framing of your camera before the event broadcast starts – it is recommended to capture not only your face but also a third of your chest while leaving some room above your head, which helps alleviate live stream fatigue for audience members.

2. Simple Slides

If you are sharing slides during your speech, keep them short and snappy! Don’t read from your slides, but instead include keywords and short phrases to really drive your message home. It is much easier to be distracted during an online presentation, and wordy slides might turn your audience off. By keeping only the key points on the slide, the audience will be more inclined to listen to find out more about those points, keeping them engaged with you and your presentation.

3. Lighting

Appearances are important in offline or online presentations alike, and you should make sure that you are seen in the best possible light throughout your live stream. Lighting is key in framing and can really change how people see you.
Set up a desk lamp behind your camera to really illuminate your face. Minimise lighting from other parts of the room, especially from behind you, as backlighting can cast shadows on your face. If your event broadcasting is held on-location, try to rent stage lighting from a local AV company in Singapore to ensure the best lighting setup possible.

4. Body Language

Body language also changes with the medium of Zoom or a live stream. Try standing if possible, as the active stance will help project confidence. Otherwise, make sure that you sit forward in your chair and lean a little towards the camera to create an air of engagement with online your audience, just as you would lean forward in real life.
If you are used to gesturing, during a speech or presentation keep in mind the framing of your camera – keeping your head and shoulders in view will feel more natural and allow you some space to gesture as well.

5. Interaction

With the live stream and event broadcasting technology we have now, audience interaction online is easier than ever. In person, you might call upon your audience to raise their hands or answer questions once your speech has concluded. Well you can do all this online as well!
With polls, live chats, and raised hand features, you can now involve your virtual audience in the talk as much as possible. If possible, having a participant list will help you engage them by name, making it a much more involved presentation.

Plan the perfect Online Event Broadcast with Live Productions

These tips will help you give an effective and engaging online speech or presentation, but whether digitally or in real life, the best public speaking experiences occur when both personal and technical issues run smoothly.
Take a load off your mind by hiring a live production team to handle the technical side of things for your online live stream or event broadcasting. Our experts can help you realise a professional environment to display your skill and calibre, complete with stage lighting rental, backdrops, audience interaction modes. With Live Productions supporting you with audiovisual and technical support, you can focus your energies on giving your best speech. Contact us today to learn more about our AV services in Singapore.