Selecting An AV Company In Singapore To Livestream Your Wedding

Weddings are a special milestone in our lives, and it is a lovely memory and experience to share with all our loved ones. Before, it might’ve been enough to simply invite everyone for a whole-day affair, but nowadays, more and more couples are choosing a hybrid style.
This means livestreaming their weddings to loved ones who can’t attend the ceremony in-person, while also inviting the closest of friends and family to share in their joy face-to-face. Here are some tips to help you pick out a livestreaming or AV company in Singapore to help you share this momentous event with your guests, wherever they might be on the globe:

1. Consider their portfolio and style

As with any service you might hire, it’s important to check their live events portfolio to help you understand the quality, style, and experience they can bring to the table. Have they had any experience livestreaming a solemnisation or wedding? How do they deal with large crowds while focussing on the action happening between the couple?
By comparing their long past and more recent projects, you can also see the growth that the company has undergone – it will give you a better idea of their skillset. You should also check out the different styles they shoot in: are you looking for a vibrant capturing of the hustle and bustle of a wedding, or the more muted, elegant tones of cinematic shot of your solemnisation? A good livestreaming service or AV company in Singapore will help you figure this out, and coordinate their work together with your ideas and dreams.

2. Assess their services and equipment provided

Take a closer look at the sort of services and equipment an AV company can provide before going ahead with your booking. When it comes to livestreaming live events video and audio are equally important – it won’t do to have crystal clear video but bad sound quality!
Check out their equipment list and other aspects like lighting and sound to ensure a whole and smooth experience for your online guests. Ask about the camera angles they can provide, both for your solemnisation and throughout your wedding banquet if that is in your agenda. Practiced professionals will try to incorporate both and ensure smooth transitions for a polished viewing for your guests. You can also check what platforms they are able to livestream on to, be it social media or dedicated livestreaming platforms in Singapore.

3. Ask if they can customise services to suit your needs

Most importantly, you have to ensure that your livestreaming company is equipped and ready to deal with the working environment of a wedding. Weddings are high stake and thus high stress events, and engaging someone else to handle the livestream helps take a huge load off your mind on your special day.
It is also important to properly communicate with your team to make sure that everyone is on the same page with regards to which special moments you want to capture as well as the style and angles of the shots that they might take. A professional AV company should be able to tailor their skillset, equipment and services to your needs and dreams.

Find out how Live Productions can make your big day special

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