Using Green Screens & LED Walls To Enhance Virtual Events

In this age of media, it has become a battle for what can catch and retain attention. When it comes to longer presentations, webinars or other virtual events, a static background of an office or a location no longer suffices to keep your audience engaged. Some ways you can take your event to the next level is by using a green screen or LED wall rental to elevate your presentation.
Green screens have been around for a while now, allowing presenters to showcase different effects or project their slides and products on the screen behind them. They are typically filled in post-production which can lead to timing delays or possible reshoots if an error occurs.
On the other hand LED walls were previously used for filming TV shows or movies, but are now seeing a new growth in popularity in the events scene. LED screens take the immersion one step further by allowing for more depth and more natural looking effects, while also allowing the speaker or actor to react in real time to the effects and things that are projected on the screens.
Here are some ways that both green screens and LED walls can help improve your virtual event!

1. Customisable backdrops

With both LED walls and green screens, you can elevate your event by showcasing a customised and professional backdrop tailored to fit your brand or company aesthetics and style. Instead of the generic beach or office backgrounds that you might find on Zoom, using a green screen or an LED wall will allow you to incorporate not only a well-designed backdrop, but also to project any slides or special effects that can add to your presentation.
Think of Apple’s signature keynote speeches – by including such product showcases, or animated graphs to show your data, you will be able to better engage your audience, leaving them with a top-quality virtual event experience.

2. Live effects and adjustments

When it comes to hybrid or live events, LED walls have several advantages compared to green screens.
Using LED walls bring special effects, presentation slides, and other types of animated, designed or visual content to life in a live setting without post-production editing. Speakers can even react naturally to any changes in their backgrounds for a smooth and cohesive presentation. Technology has also come very far, allowing for the camera to capture realistic lighting and reflections that the LED panels can now create.
Simply put, LED walls allow you to bring your vision to reality on a much larger scale, reaching not only online viewers but also a live audience. Both sets of audience will get a similar experience – one where the speaker, presenter, or actors can fully interact with and react to the content shown on the screens behind them.
The immersive quality of LED screens cannot be lauded enough as they definitely increase the quality and professionalism of hybrid and live events, and can also take your pre-recorded content to the next level.

Get Green Screen and LED Wall Rentals with Live Productions

With any event it’s important to plan not only for the content you’ll be covering but also for the technical side of things. While you might be able to manage a green screen rental at home or in your event venue, booking a professional green screen studio or an LED wall studio will ensure the highest quality projections and effects for your event.
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We also offer live technical support lighting equipment rental, and other services throughout your event and our professionals are at the ready to keep your event running as smoothly as possible.
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