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Stage Lighting Rental Services Singapore

Professional lighting could jazz up the location of your event and get your guests hyped up. Proper stage lights are absolutely essential for concerts, operas and theatre performances. They illuminate the performers on stage to showcase their talents in the best ways possible.

If you are in need of some professional lighting equipment for your upcoming event, then Live Productions is the provider here to serve you.

Live Productions offers the best stage lighting equipment for rental in Singapore. From basic lighting to lasers and fog machines for special effects, we have the right equipment for you. Regardless of whether you are hosting a concert or play on stage, we have stage lighting solutions for all types of purposes. Even better – we offer the most competitive rental on all our equipment.

As a one-stop website for all types of lighting equipment, Live Productions is the go-to website for quality events equipment. Let your guests have a taste of premium lighting when you choose our product rental. Click here to contact us about our rates and services – leave us a message and our friendly customer services team will be in touch shortly.


Live Productions: A Seasoned and Experienced Lighting Equipment Rental Provider

Having served numerous clients including NTUC Income, Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the National Environment Agency, Live Productions is your trusted and reliable partner over the years since our founding. We are experienced professionals that offer personalized AV equipment made with the finest materials to offer you premium audio.

Furthermore, when you choose our lighting solutions, not only will you be able to enjoy top-notched lights – but you will also get the most competitive rates possible.

Low cost with quality assured, we are your choice equipment provider in Singapore. Simply reach out to us to learn more about our services in Singapore today.

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